About ProCivitas

ProCivitas wants to be the best high school in Sweden. To achieve this goal, we spend a lot of time and effort creating a great environment to attract dedicated and well-educated teachers and students who are motivated to study. This combination provides ProCivitas with a solid foundation.

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ProCivitas upper secondary school

In ProCivitas, we set high standards for our students and our operations. Our teachers are experts in meeting and challenging motivated students to help them reach their full potential. At our institution, the culture is characterized by commitment, community, and entrepreneurship.

We have a strong connection to the local business community. Through numerous guest lectures and assigning each student their own mentor, we create motivation among our students. Those of us working at ProCivitas are here for the sake of the students. Not the other way around.

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What is UF?

UF is a process-oriented education program that involves starting and running a personal business over the course of an academic year. The core focus is on the individual development of the student. This entails fostering creativity and motivation, acquiring responsibility and teamwork skills, honing communication abilities, realizing a business idea, and potentially exhibiting at trade fairs and even competing with other companies at regional and national levels.

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Our schools are committed to supporting international educational cooperation, enabling our students to take part in an international project with partner schools, all over the world. We strongly believe this international exchange of knowledge and culture is an important part of our international social responsibility to increase and improve education for both our own students and students in our partner schools.

Our schools

ProCivitas consists of seven schools; two in Stockholm, one in Malmö, Lund, Helsingborg, Växjö and Uppsala.

At ProCivitas Gymnasium, we conduct upper secondary education in the following programs: Economics, The Natural Science Program and The Social Science Program.